Beer is Now a “Wellness Drink”…Sure, Why Not?

Beer is Now a “Wellness Drink”…Sure, Why Not?

Most of us would assume that drinking beer is a bad idea, if you work out.

BUT…you would be wrong.

Some marathon runners have created (who are licencing their beer to the makers of Sam Adams) with a 4.0% alcoholic content beer. It is called marathon and labeled as 26.2 Brew. The claim they make on their advertising is “for runners, by runners.” As for how health it is, it contains 120 calories and 9 grams of carbs. Not bad, compared to other beers.


But wait, there’s more.

There is ALSO a beer called Fasted Known Time, which is made by Will Sweat for Beer, Sufferfest Beer Co. This adult beverage targets, not just runners, but outdoors-men. So how good is this one for you? 5.5% alcohol and 155 calories. This one also includes electrolytes and vitamin C.

If it is all too much to comprehend, fear not, the rest of us just don’t care and will continue doing the 12 ounce lift from out favorite recliner.