Does Lincoln Rank In The Worst Cities For Porch Pirates?

Does Lincoln Rank In The Worst Cities For Porch Pirates?

This Cyber Monday, there will be a 22% uptick in sales from online retailers. (Which means that there will be a corresponding decrease in productivity at work…you know why.) Because of this, there is also an expected increase in porch pirates.

Porch Pirates: Noun. porch pirate (plural porch pirates) (slang) A criminal that steals a package from a porch.

You can only imagine how mad you could be (if this hasn’t happened to you already) to find that the gift you purchased for Mom arrived, you got the notification, then you get home only to find that the package is no where to be found. Sadly, this is happening everywhere, but where is it worse?

Thankfully, Lincoln does not fall within the Top 10. Not even in the Top 50, that we are aware of.

The worst state for porch pirates is California, where 30% of all packages are stolen.

As for cities, that dubious honor goes to San Francisco, to no one’s surprise. However, surprisingly, Salt Lake City, UT is the #2 worst.

Interesting to note, that San Fran, Salt Lake City, along with Baltimore, Seattle, Austin and Denver all made it in the Top 10 and are all 5 central hubs to the high tech industry.


The list that was just released by FBI.