World Record: David Rush Takes Back His Title

World Record: David Rush Takes Back His Title

Brit, Jay Rawlings, used to hold the world record for the most chairs balancing on his chin. His record was beaten by an American, David Rush, a year ago. Not to be shown-up, Jay decided to take back his rightful title with not 9 chairs on Britain’s Got Talent…but wait…there’s more

As you would suspect, ego got the better of David and he wanted the record back AND make it so, it would be virtually impossible to beat. At the point of this recording on the Huckabee Show, he had to beat someone else who held 11 chairs on their chin…and…well…see for yourself.

Now, David hold a number of other World Records, some of which are variations on thenselves, such as:

  • Juggling Records for
    • Fastest
    • Slowest
    • Most bites from an apple while juggling
  • Fastest ping pong ball bounce for 5 balls into cups
  • Food
    • Most peas eaten with a toothpick in a minute
    • Most cucumbers snapped in a minute
    • Fastest mile run with an egg on a spoon
  • Balancing
    • Most miles walked with a lawnmower on his chin
    • Longest duration with a guitar balanced on his chin
  • Most T-Shirts worn in 60 seconds

…oh ya…Most Musical World Records

While these seems strange, he has something most of don’t have….time on our hands.