Hidden Valley Ranch Blasted!!!

Hidden Valley Ranch Blasted!!!

For everyone who is a fan of Ranch Dressing, the Gold Standard is Hidden Valley. Let’s be honest, those who love it…LOVE IT! But the Gold Standard is striving for Platinum status with their new line of Ranch Dressings called BLASTED!

These are 4 new flavor injected Ranch Dressings

  • Blazin’ Hot
  • Bold Buffalo
  • Ranch Dipped Pizza
  • Zesty Ranch Chip

Now, this sounds like a bit much, cuz many of us already dip our chips, pizza crust and buffalo wings in their delicious sauces.

So where can you get these delectable flavors? Amazon, Walmart and Target, for now.


Since there has been a run on TP and wet wipes, make sure well supplies with the hot ones.