Sweet Corn Pringles

Sweet Corn Pringles

As if we didn’t have enough corn around here and Iowa, Pringles has added to their flavors with Sweet Corn.

This potato chip has been described as buttery sweet corn on the cob and the kind of corn you get at a restaurant. Basically, it has the flavors of cooked corn, butter and salt.

The good part, they can be found at Wal-greens. The bad part, they are only here for a limited time.



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It’s Review Time! 🌽 @pringlesus has decided to bring us all down to the farm and pluck, shuck and cook up some homegrown sweet corn. Except this time all of this sweet corn flavor has been packed into a Pringles Chip! I present, Pringles Sweet Corn! • • Now I absolutely LOVEEEEE corn on the cob, I have it as a side with a ton of my meals that I cook at home. So seeing this flavor I was excited but also a little scared because corn flavor Pringles honestly sounds a little strange! 😂 As always Pringles has awesome artwork on the front of the can, and this time we have a Pringle with a napkin around his neck and he’s going to town on a corn on the cob with a delicious looking plate of more corn right under him! As always we have the Limited Time Only logo at the top so make sure to scoop these up before there gone! Now I spotted these at my local @walgreens and from what I’ve heard, this is a Walgreens and associated stores exclusive, so check there if you’re interested in this! Now the initial smell test was great and SPOT ON. It was as if I had closed my eyes and a hot and steamy corn on the cob with a chunk of butter on top was right in front of me! Now as far as looks, go you can’t really tell from my photos but these Pringles are Bright Neon Yellow, just like the color of corn! How cool is that! Now the taste is also spot on and it isn’t really a sweet corn on the cob flavor as it is more of a sweet cup of corn flavor that you would get at a restaurant! That sweet and rich flavor from the butter along with the fresh corn itself, and as strange as you may think this sounds it really works well! Overall I love this Pringles chip flavor, I couldn’t eat it everyday but it sure is a great occasional snack! 8.5/10 🌟

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