Um…The New Tax Day Is 8 Days Away

Um…The New Tax Day Is 8 Days Away

Just so you know, Tax Day is coming up.

Ya, I know we all got a 3 month reprieve, but Uncle Sam wants his pound of flesh. As of July 15, we are being asked..told that is time to pay up.

Something you should know:

  • There are no more delays. You HAVE to file.
  • If you couldn’t pay before, the same rules apply as every year, file your taxes then file the form to pay in installments, if you have to
  • Refunds…well, you will get your refund within 21 days, BUT there is an interest rate applied to your delayed tax refund, if you wait that could be between 3-5%. So while your refund amount looks good, you may want to calculate how much less you will get, based on how late you file.
  • You can still file online or print them out and send them in, as usual, but make sure it has a 7/15 postmark.
  • If you pay estimated taxes, you have until July 15 to pay Q1 and Q2 taxes, but they ALL must be paid by July 15th.

Good luck…and hurry up. Tax day is coming and Uncle Sam is very impatient.