Where There Is A Shark Fin, Panic Ensues

Where There Is A Shark Fin, Panic Ensues

If you have seen Jaws, you know there is nothing about sharks that make you feel “OK” or safe. Truth is, sharks usually create panic on a beach and possibly anxiety in the aquariums.

Supposedly, Israel is having a real problem with sharks near the shore and it is causing a lot of concern for beach goer safety.

In this case, the shark everyone had seen in this and ran for their lives. One woman was in the water and had no clue the shark was anywhere near her. There is even one guy who walked to the shore in an attempt to save the woman.

The good part of this whole ordeal, the woman swam to shore and even better, the shark was a harmless plankton-eating Whale Shark.

regardless of the outcome, the realization that there is a shark near the shore proves that Jaws wasn’t too far off base