The New Cavity Fighter: Pickles

The New Cavity Fighter: Pickles

Hold on to you hat. or seat…or in this case, toothbrush, pickles may become part of your dental health.

Well, it’s more more like fermented foods in general, but two Chinese universities have found that there is a specific enzyme and probiotic that works as a protector of your teeth. it’s original use is for preserving foods, but they have found to have an added benefits of warding off diseases (COVID-19…hint hint hint), stomach health, cholesterol levels and now, shockingly, tooth decay.

To be specific, the virus that causes strep is one of the contributors of cavities.

Now to be clear, as far we know, this could apply to ANY pickle. BUT, there is a caveat, the test was done with only 14 types of Chinese Sichuan pickles. So, we know their pickles have benefits. As to pickles from all other areas of the world, it is still known.

Just a guess, but apples may have a new partner when it comes to catch phrases. How does “A pickle a day, keeps the dentist away?

Source: MedicalXpress