LPD Introduces Transparency Hub

LPD Introduces Transparency Hub

LPD has created a new resource on the LPD public webpage called the Transparency page (https://www.lincoln.ne.gov/city/police/info/transparency.htm).

The page can be found by going to the LPD public homepage and clicking on “Transparency” under the Featured Links in the middle of the page.

This purpose of this project was to address the following issues:

  1. Improve trust and accountability to the members of our community
  2. Provide a single location where citizens can find answers to some of today’s most common law enforcement-related questions
  3. Inform and correct any inaccurate information in the public sphere
  4. Enhance public understanding of how LPD functions
  5. Reduce duplication of work when LPD personnel are answering similar questions about LPD
  6. Illustrate how LPD utilizes progressive and evidence-based practices
  7. Differentiate LPD from the generic “police agency” and demonstrate our progressive and transparent policies and procedures

The LPD Transparency page contains detailed narratives on 22 wide-ranging topics related to LPD.  The majority of the narratives contain information about how we hire, train, and operate on a daily basis.  As new developments arise in the future, this page will be a good location for us to update information and continue to maintain that positive transparency with our community.