Expect A Smaller Than Usual Haul This Halloween

Expect A Smaller Than Usual Haul This Halloween

Well, Halloween is going to look a lot different this year. Not a lot of kids are gonna be out knocking on doors, and will be a lot more porches with the lights turned off.

A number of reasons this is happening, the threat level is it in high Orange.  One would hope they will not go any higher. Then we read the CDC has put out new guidelines on a recommended ways to trick-or-treat.  When the suggestions aren’t that badd. You just won’t store is many candy bars this year. But let’s be honest, the kids don’t eat all the candy right off the batt anyway, we end up throwing out most of it by Christmas anyway.

So what should you expect, supposedly, 46% of people do not plan on having the porch light on to give away candy at all. 16% said that they will have a bowl of candy sitting outside of their door so their interaction will be contact list.

So if you are doing your math, that leaves 136%. That 36% plans on carrying a lamb with Halloween as normal. What is this mean for you? Not as many homes to go to college but a better Hall from fewer people. Amazing how the law of supply and demand works even for Halloween.

Here’s the crazy part, of the 36% carrying on as normal for Halloween fall into the category of aged 55 and older. That puts them in the higher risk category, according to the CDC.

Source: Food and Wine