Favorite Fast Food By State

Favorite Fast Food By State

When you look at this map and see Nebraska, you might think, “Hmmm, Taco Bell. Lowered expectations,  but not terrible.” At least we are in good company, Kansas sees them as a favorite, as well.

While Dominos makes sense in South Dakota and Chuck Cheese is the popular choice in Missouri,  Illinois and Minnesota. After all, these places are readily available.

The head scratcher is Iowa (to no one’s surprise). It has makes you wonder how In-N-Out is the favorite in the state…as there is no In-N-Out Burger for over 600 miles.

Either it is wishful thinking,  there has been a mass caravan to the promised land..or someone is lying.

But that oddity isn’t what has the Internet all twisted. People are furious that Rain Forest Cafe, Chucky Cheese and Olive Garden are on the list and classified as fast food.


While I agree those are not fast food restaurants, my sticking point but continue to be Iowa listing In-N-Out as their favourite. I think most of us can agree that the majority of Iowa has never been to In-N-Out Burger.