Half Of Us Agree, Our Dog Sleeps In Our Bed

Half Of Us Agree, Our Dog Sleeps In Our Bed

Dog moms and dog dad’s understand that they are part of the pack.  49% of those pet parents believe that they should sleep as part of the pack.

1000 people were asked if they let their dog sleep in their bed and 49% said yes. Where did the other 51% fall? 20% said that their puppy/dog need to sleep on the floor. Then there was another 31% that made their dog sleep outside.

They also examined how a dog sleeps with you. The size of the bed determines where the dog is positioned near you. The larger the bed the closer to your chest they sleep. There is a saving grace for those who sleep in a single bed, as the dog prefers to sleep on the floor.

To no one’s surprise, the study also showed how people who have dogs in the bed also experience sleep disruptions.  Then seem to have more “waking disturbances” then man, but neither gender remember it specifically as it relates to their dog. (Meaning, if your spouse or significant other wakes you up and you will remember it, but your dog gets a pass.)

You may find this to be interesting especially if your dog sleeps with you. Click the link and see for yourself.

Source: Phys