Mind Blown: Popcorn In Bacon Grease

Mind Blown: Popcorn In Bacon Grease

We’ve always had popcorn made in the bag 8n the microwave, with vegetable on top of the stove and even the good old fashion stove top aluminum foil Jiffy Pop.

Now life hacker has come up with a new way to make your popcorn even better, if that was even possible.

Those of us who are bacon fanatics, get ready for it.

Make your popcorn with bacon grease. This means, don’t throw away your bacon grease. Refrigerate it.

So instead of using vegetable oil, use bacon grease. This will make the popcorn crispy and have the bacon flavor with every bite. Think about this too, you won’t have to add salt. That isn’t to say, you are getting a healthy snack, but it will have a ton of flavor.

Bon Appetite

Source: Lifehacker