The Surgery Went On While The Hospital Burned Down

The Surgery Went On While The Hospital Burned Down

Simple to say,  but doctors save lives. They will even, in many cases, risk their own lives to save others.

It has to be something about their Hippocratic oath.

Here is a good example of that. In Russia a hospital that was built around 1907, caught fire while a surgery was going on for someone receiving a heart transplant.  Despite the apparent danger of the hospital fire getting to them, that did not stop them from continuing their surgery in order to save a life.

As they lost power, they improvised by running power cords from a generator to have fans blow the smoke away from the Operating Room. While that was happening the hospital almost 200 people were evacuated.

In the end, the surgery was a success and no one was severely hurt. Just to show how far those in the medical profession will go to save a life… even put their own lives at risk for us.

Props to all medical workers. God-bless you.