Froggy Morning Show with Gary and Nelson


Whether it’s driving to work or heading off to school, Gary and Nelson love to make you laugh. You’re always welcome to be a part of the show, whether it’s playing along with one of their games, or calling in to win tickets.

Every morning you can count on great country music and favorite features like “Why Am I Still Single?”, “Impersonation Theater” and “Know Your Listener”. To be part of the show, call 402-474-FROG, or go to the Froggy Facebook page every weekday morning from 7-9 a.m. to watch the show live on the Tracy’s Collision Cam.


Gary Greenwood has been at Froggy 98 for more than 17 years. He’s still not used to adults telling him that they started listening in grade school. Over the years, the show has been a finalist for CMA morning show of the year and they’ve helped raised more than a million dollars for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Gary grew up on government cheese in Missouri and gladly traded it in for the sweet tasting corn in Nebraska! But those grilled cheese sandwiches were pretty special. Gary is married with two boys and loves spending all his free time with his family.

Nelson was born and raised in Omaha, NE. After running through a string of jobs post high school he decided to refocus himself and go back to college. It was there he found and fell in love with radio. From the moment he entered the broadcasting program he took to the curriculum. Nelson landed his first part time job while still in college and had moved to full time before he was given a diploma.

Johanna is a wonderful mother of two twins, #boygirltwins, and has been married for over three years!. She is a straight shooter and will tell you how it is while being compassionate to those around her. She hates spiders but will tackle any snake in a field. Johanna has been part of the morning show for over four years and it wouldn’t be the same without her, she’s also the only person who will stand up to Gary and Nelson who try to throw her under the bus.