Steve King

Steve was raised in the Red Dirt Country of northeast Texas to the streets of Bakersfield, CA. Steve discovered his love of country music at an early age, sitting with his grandmother and watching Hee Haw every Saturday evening.

Steve started his country radio life in southern Arkansas at the height of the 90’s country boom with Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Garth, and Brooks and Dunn.

Over the years, he has had the pleasure of hanging with artists like Clint Black, Brooks and Dunn, Darius Rucker, Big and Rich and Florida-Georgia Line.

“Now that I am in Lincoln and at Froggy 98, I feel like I have been a lost puppy and someone adopted me and I now have my forever home”

Steve's Blog


Want $2500? Watch Christmas Movies

You still have time if you want to make $2500. It is pretty easy money, too. has and offer you can’t refuse during a pandemic where the order of the day is “shelter-in-place” and “quarantine”. All they ask of you is to watch 25 Christmas movies in 25 days and write a small review…read more »


Man Fights Gator To Save His Fur Baby

You hear about runnings with alligators in Florida quite often. In most cases people stay away from the alligators. There other situations, where people try to take them on, and lose. In this case we have a little bit of both going on. A Florida man’s dog got a little too close to the water…read more »

pizza hut

The Pizza Hut Weighted Blanket

There is nothing better than feeling hugged while you are in bed and a pizza. Combine the 2 and you have the office Pizza Hut Weighted Blanket…and it looks like a slice of pizza. In case you are wondering, the people who use for a weighted blanket are greater than you may think. they help…read more »


Charlie Brown Returns…For Free

As you may have heard earlier this year Apple TV had purchased the rights to all of the Charlie Brown holiday specials and were going to make them exclusive to Apple TV’s pay platform. When the information hit the Internet that Charlie round holiday specials were no longer available for free, all hell broke loose.  The…read more »


Favorite Fast Food By State

When you look at this map and see Nebraska, you might think, “Hmmm, Taco Bell. Lowered expectations,  but not terrible.” At least we are in good company, Kansas sees them as a favorite, as well. While Dominos makes sense in South Dakota and Chuck Cheese is the popular choice in Missouri,  Illinois and Minnesota. After all,…read more »