Steve King

Steve was raised in the Red Dirt Country of northeast Texas to the streets of Bakersfield, CA. Steve discovered his love of country music at an early age, sitting with his grandmother and watching Hee Haw every Saturday evening.

Steve started his country radio life in southern Arkansas at the height of the 90’s country boom with Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Garth, and Brooks and Dunn.

Over the years, he has had the pleasure of hanging with artists like Clint Black, Brooks and Dunn, Darius Rucker, Big and Rich and Florida-Georgia Line.

“Now that I am in Lincoln and at Froggy 98, I feel like I have been a lost puppy and someone adopted me and I now have my forever home”

Steve's Blog

super mario lego

Most Popular Christmas Gifts For 2020…Nebraska…You May Be Surprised

Around the nation, we are clamoring to get the last minute Christmas Shopping done, but what are the the most sought after things. We know nationally, the Switch, Playstation and XBox are in super demand, but that isn’t always the case around the nation. Every state has their favorites. Looking at the states around Nebraska,…read more »

dead elf

Oops…Baked Elf On A Shelf

Families everywhere have gotten into the Elf on a Shelf routine. We have quite a few adventures that our Elf (now Elves) had gone on and the mischief that they have caused.   The routine, for many, is that they elf is there to watch over the kids to make sure they are behaving, as…read more »


The Raccoon In The Christmas Tree

And you thought animals found in the Christmas Tree was just a thing from the movies…think again. This woman and her dog found a raccoon in her Christmas Tree. It is pretty hectic and sounds pretty bad, but no animals were harmedread more »


The New TikTok Challenge: You Didn’t Bump Your Head

Most of the time TikTok challenges get people in trouble. This one, not so much. Its more of a lesson in parenting. Parents are pretending, while they are holding their children, to hit the child’s head on a wall or door. The results have varied, but the videos range from cringy to cute.   @janessareynolds5It’s…read more »


Wife Takes A Bite Of Her Husband’s Sandwich Every Day

It is a nice or sweet gesture where someone makes your lunch for you. But this one is kind a head scratcher, his man’s wife takes a bite out of the sandwich she makes for him every day. It reminds me of the SNL bit from the 70’s called Pre-Chewed Charlies   Tracy Howell. from…read more »