Steve King

Steve was raised in the Red Dirt Country of northeast Texas to the streets of Bakersfield, CA. Steve discovered his love of country music at an early age, sitting with his grandmother and watching Hee Haw every Saturday evening.

Steve started his country radio life in southern Arkansas at the height of the 90’s country boom with Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Garth, and Brooks and Dunn.

Over the years, he has had the pleasure of hanging with artists like Clint Black, Brooks and Dunn, Darius Rucker, Big and Rich and Florida-Georgia Line.

“Now that I am in Lincoln and at Froggy 98, I feel like I have been a lost puppy and someone adopted me and I now have my forever home”

Steve's Blog


A Mysterious Empty Apartment?

It has happened to a lot of us, you live next door to an apartment, house, condo, etc and it is empty for quite some time. Sure it’s annoying with people driving by, stopping and looking in, knocking on the wrong door when it is being shown. But what if…that apartment was empty and you…read more »


1st Time Lottery Player Wins $25,0000

How many times have we purchased a lottery ticket or scratch off ticket, then walk away shrugging your shoulders saying, “It was only $1” or “Thankfully,  it was only for fun”? What if you had NEVER played the lottery?  How would you feel if you WON? That is exactly what happened to 18 year old…read more »


A Note And Some Whiskey From The Past

Two Scottish contractors were working on a house flip. They were tearing  apart the kitchen when they ran across a message from the not so distant past…and a nice offering of Scottish spirits.   @hooserice88Carrying out essential work! Great find. Not sure I would drink it tbh. #fyp #drink #whisky #scotland #scottish #wrenkitchen #VideoSnapChallenge♬ original…read more »


Good People Doing Good Things

You know how the media spins everything where you assume everyone is self-centered? Well, this video should prove that assumption wrong. An elderly lady flipped her car over and there were 4 people who jumped up and helped her without even a thought. This just happened last week, according to the video info, but we…read more »


That Annoying Check Engine Light

How many hours have been driving around in that little light that looks like a car engine turns on? The question next becomes what do you do? According to Kelley Blue Book, not many of us do the right thing when this happens. To be specific only 36% of us see the light and immediately…read more »

purse napper

Don’t Mess With Grandma

Unfortunately, my Grandparents have all passed away. But I had a lot of good times with them. I also learned a lot about them and from them. For example, speak you mind, stand up for what it right and take no crap from anyone. This Grandma on the Gold Coast of Florida shows us what…read more »