Steve King

Steve was raised in the Red Dirt Country of northeast Texas to the streets of Bakersfield, CA. Steve discovered his love of country music at an early age, sitting with his grandmother and watching Hee Haw every Saturday evening.

Steve started his country radio life in southern Arkansas at the height of the 90’s country boom with Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Garth, and Brooks and Dunn.

Over the years, he has had the pleasure of hanging with artists like Clint Black, Brooks and Dunn, Darius Rucker, Big and Rich and Florida-Georgia Line.

“Now that I am in Lincoln and at Froggy 98, I feel like I have been a lost puppy and someone adopted me and I now have my forever home”

Steve's Blog


A Better Gift, A Better Meal

Let’s be honest, weddings are not cheap. Controlling costs is a real problem. There’s always that last minute decision, do you have a nice centerpiece, do you have a band or a deejay, do you have an open bar? All those questions can be answered by one couple. They controlled costs by the decisions their…read more »


Yes, There Is Doggy Dating Site

In this age of shelter in place, self quarantine, finding coat the one “has been a lot more difficult for people… and pets. Everyone needs love.  Love make should happy and healthy. Someone to spend your life with. But what is your best friend needs love as well? How far would you go for them?…read more »


What Do You Miss About Going To Work?

With so many people having their jobs transition to the at-home office, there are advantages like not wearing pants, going to the bathroom with the camera on, people naked on camera…oh, wait…those aren’t the good things. Those are the bad things, though funny. There are, however, a lot of things we miss. YouGov conducted a…read more »


Best Job Of The Year: Be A Cheeseburger Tester

Since National Cheeseburger Day is tomorrow, here is something you can do is celebrate: You could tell the world where to find the best cheeseburger in the USA. Well, you could have the title of “professional cheeseburger tester”, if you hit up The company, based in Amsterdam (yes, the same place where pot-heads used to go to…read more »

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“Wake Up”, Said The Bear [VIDEO]

Imagine having a pool and sitting outside on a nice day, so nice that you fall asleep. Then the problem is a visitor. When you’re having that nice of A-day in a visitor shows up on announced it kind of ruins the whole thing. It gets one step worse when it’s a bear nudging your…read more »

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Stay At The Fresh Prince Mansion

How many episodes have you watched with the Fresh Prince, Will, Uncle Phil, and the rest of the family? As you may recall,, the show centers around a young man who is sent to live with his “Aunty and Uncle in Bel Aire” and continued running into a bit of trouble eaxh week. Here take…read more »